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About Us

Our mission is to redefine the way we approach treatments for complex, chronic diseases. Theraplexus is a novel computational platform that predicts and prioritizes drug targets for treating complex, chronic diseases like cancers, heart disease, and Parkinson's. Theraplexus' data driven approach integrates complex genetic and molecular information for a given disease into a network model then pinpoints a single gene or molecule that targets all the disease pathways at once. 

​We believe the Theraplexus platform will redefine drug discovery, paving the way for next generation therapeutics targeting the root molecular causes of disease. ​


Marissa Sumathipala



Marissa is a founder and lead developer ​of the Theraplexus platform. She has 4+ years of training in both traditional wet-lab biology and computer science from world-class institutions: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Janelia. Her independent research into molecular biology, genetic engineering, neuroscience, and computational biology have received national and international recognition. 

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