Transforming Drug Discovery with Network Science
 The current paradigm of drug discovery takes a top down approach, looking at single molecular targets in a linear biological pathway. Our disruptive bottom up approach begins with fully mapping disease mechanisms in a complex cellular network. We pinpoint drug targets critical to the entire disease network, enabling rapid, low-cost discovery of next generation treatments.



Diseases are complex


Diseases are caused by complex interactions between hundreds of genes, proteins, and molecules. Yet, most drugs target just one gene in a single disease pathway, yielding ineffective treatments that only alleviate symptoms.

Powered by network science and artificial intelligence, the Theraplexus platform maps the thousands of molecular interactions that cause disease and pinpoints a drug that targets all the disease pathways at once. It's like a Google Maps for molecular networks. Already, we've identified dozens of potential drugs for treating debilitating diseases like heart disease, Alzheimer's, schizophrenia, and cancers and are moving from the computer to preclinical trials in the lab. 

Our unique, in silico network biology approach enables more effective, holistic therapeutics with fewer side effects to reach patients sooner and cheaper.

It presently takes
2.6 billion dollars
and 12 years
to bring a new drug to market.

Heart Disease

is a Silent Killer

Heart disease is a growing global health crisis. The world's leading cause of death, it claims more lives than all forms of cancers combined. Currently, heart disease costs an estimated $555 billion to the US alone, and is projected to rise to over a $1 trillion by 2035. Yet, to date there exists no complete cure for heart disease. Current treatments work by addressing single components of the disease—such as treating high cholesterol with statins, or hypertension with beta blockers. This approach is similar to attempting to keep a sinking boat afloat by plugging each leak one at a time.

Theraplexus is a breakthrough technology to predict new drug targets for clusters of interlinked chronic diseases that will dramatically improve the lives of millions suffering from debilitating diseases like
heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer's.

Theraplexus has developed a potential dual therapeutic for heart disease that treats all the components simultaneously. Using two powerful regulatory proteins, our therapeutic attacks dozens of genes in crucial disease pathways that are the root cause of heart disease. Tested in vivo, our therapeutic preserved healthy heart structure, dramatically treated cardiac dysfunction, reduced fat accumulation, restored healthy blood glucose levels and prevented skeletal muscle damage. Most importantly, the therapeutic increased survival rates to nearly 100%.